Existing property is two storey house that has long ground floor and small first floor volume on the top. However, comparing with neighbour houses, this has smaller volume on the first floor. The volume on first floor has been setback about four metre from edge of two neighbour houses. Therefore, what this proposal suggests single storey first floor rear extension which will be projected as far as the existing first floor edge line of adjoining two houses forwards rear garden. 

There is no change on ground floor, maintaining existing layout. On first floor, 4.48 metres will be projected towards rear garden, arraigning the edge with adjoining properties. Master bedroom will be placed in extended volume with an en-suite. There will be a family room next to toilet

Taking advantage of space under the gable roof enables this property to have a low ‘mezzanine space’. This space will be linked with master bedroom with ladder. This space will be used as a private another living room.  

Private house

single storey first floor rear extension


Location : Kingston, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2014

Area :

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