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Residential two flat design


Location : Chelsea, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2021-2022

Stage: Concept design

Site context

The applicant site aligns with Victorian 3 storeys terrace houses with shop front and basement. The site is surrounded by diverse public amenities such as groceries, restaurants, post offices, and pharmacies. In terms of transportation, there is a bus stop in front of the applicant site. Moreover, it is under 5-6 min walking distance toward Earls Court tube station and West Brompton Station.

In general, the entrance of the applicant site is on the corner of Coleherne Road and it is surrounded by commercial amenities (Starbucks and beauty salon. The south of Coleherne Road is consist of residential units.

Design Brief

The applicant site had granted the proposed scheme in 2009. The proposed scheme is 2 storey one-bedroom unit and the height of the proposed building is not beyond the front retail unit. Thus, the proposal is hidden from the street level to minimise overlook and outlook. Although this proposal attempt to minimise impact to neighbour properties, the proposal is already produced over-development into the applicant site due to its narrow condition sandwiched by  neighbour properties. Moreover, Young-In architect articulates that providing the one-bedroom unit in the narrow and besieged condition is not worth enough for living quality and market value.

The design team argues that the proposal could have one more bedroom unit via elevating a more floor, while it has risk on the planning application. Therefore, this design report proposes a new design scheme with the additional floor in order to provide two-bedroom unit. Moreover, the design scheme aims to enhance the living quality in restricted surrounding condition in terms of noise, daylight and view.

D_Section shechem 02.jpg
Option A_4 - Photo.jpg
Option A_1 - Photo.jpg
Option A_9 - Photo.jpg
Option A_8 - Photo.jpg
Option A.jpg
F_Op 02 Section CGI.jpg
Option B_4 - Photo.jpg
Option B_7 - Photo.jpg
Option B_3 - Photo.jpg
Option B_9 - Photo.jpg
Option B_8 - Photo.jpg
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