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Loadship Lane House

side and rear extension

with internal modification



Location : Dulwich, London  UK

Client : Private

Year : 2016

Area :

Contractor: ArchINNO ltd 


''I would like to thank you for all the ideas and planning you have -.''

The existing property is a 3 storey semi detached house with a 5 metre rear extension on the ground floor.


The key issue of internal layout is that visitors get lost at the main entrance. When people get in through angled door, there are 6 doors with many corners. It cause not only difficulties of way-finding but also opportunity that visitors could enter private rooms.

Young In Architects developed a wide range of options with newly arranged internal layout. The proposal, side and rear extension, is following the existing footprint which is 5 metre at rear and filling the space at side of the property up to the boundary line with small alcove space.

The proposal is to seek easy way-finding layout with less corner and a direct view from main entrance towards to the rear garden in order to draw visitors directly to reception.


Each room would have en-suite and utilities would be at the corner of open kitchen. Open plan kitchen/living room would be spacious and would have a wide view of rear garden with bountiful natural light through roof windows.

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