Barton green house

Rear side infill and loft conversion with internal refurbishment

Location : New malden, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2019- 2020

Area : 160 sq.m

stage : completed, 2020

Project description

The site comprises a two storey semi-detached dwelling located on the east side of Barton Green. The surrounding area is predominantly residential in character and appearance consisting mainly of semi-detached dwellings.

The owner sought to improve the property by erecting a single storey side and rear extension and loft conversion within the existing roof shape following the demolition of the existing side extension. 

The shape of available land is the oblique.

In order to maximize the usage of the space and to avoid the obstruction of neighbours, the mass of proposal is 'L' extension, orientated to maximize the site geometries whilst allowing for the separation of rear living, dining area with new bedroom at the side with various size of out door space at the rear, side and front of the house