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Jewellery shop design

New build


Client: Private
Location: Ulsan City, South Korea
Total area: 
Completed in: Partial interior completed in 2003

Jewellery shop design

in Ulsan



The current 4 story building was designed and built by the owner himself.
Buit in the 1980s, since then building has changed little and tired, however the building location is fantastic just next to the clock tower junction which is the centre of the old town and the main focal point of Ulsan city.
The proposal is recladding façade without major structural change and transforming small courtyard one bed room flat at the fourth level into courtyard gallery with roof garden for the son who is a jewellery artist and who will take over the building to carry on his business for jewellery shop as well as an artist after his parent retired. The proposal was well received by the owner and currently working on the detail design to get the construction estimation. 


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