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New Malden


Location : New Malden

Client : Private

Year : 2021-2022

Stage: Construction

Site context

No. 10 Montem road is a single-storey bungalow type of property with hip roof condition. The existing internal layout has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and kitchen/ living space with 2.5m half-depth rear extension on the ground floor. On the first floor, it has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with 2 dormers on the south-facing side. 

Design proposal

The proposal contains a 4m rear ground floor extension, alternation of roof shape on rear side of the first floor and an additional dormer on North facing side. 

The main entrance of the property is placed on a small side alley and it induces poor visual attention on the entrance and an unpleasant access experience. Thus, improving the welcoming atmosphere charges the main design element. The existing entrance is widened with a sitting bench station and the ceiling height has risen with void creation on the first. The void is created by pushing the stair line 1m from the existing location and it forms a corridor on the first floor as a floating bridge. The opening from the entrance hall to the kitchen/ living space is also widened and this forms a pleasure view corridor to the rear garden from the entrance hall. 

In terms of mass design, the rear side of the first floor gains extra space via altering the hip roof to a gable roof. With alternation, the room has a characteristic triangle opening to the rear garden. The view is enhanced with a green sedum roof on 4m rear ground floor extension. The side of the ground floor extension roof follows the pitched line of the proposed gable roof to provide a visual connection between the new extension and the existing building. 

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