Residential / Private Houses


Barton green house

Rear, Side and Loft Extension


Claremont Avenue

Rear Extension


Rushmore Road House

Rear extension 


Angel House

Rushmore house

Rear extension, Loft extension


Lammas House

New build


Residential development

in South London

14 Trehurst-1.jpg

Trehurst House 

Rear extension, Loft extension


West Barns Lane House

Rear, side & loft extension and refurbishment

mannor road 6.jpg

Manor Road House 

new 2.jpg

Quadrants House 

Internal refurbishment in Raynes Park


Cromwell Avenue  

Briarwood House

Tmber cladded An rear extension and refurbishment 

Banstead House

Rear extension and refurbishment 

Downs court House

New built Brick & concrete finished in South London

Loadship Lane House 

An extension, refurbishment of Victorian house

Three storey Mixed Use Building

New built concrete finished in Seoul, Korea

Avondale House

An extension, refurbishment of a detached house

Wimbledon House

Loft Conversion, refurbishment of First floor flat

Nunhead House Conversion

House conversion of detached House in South London


Portsmouth Road House

4 storey house with a basement 

Courtyard House

An extension, refurbishment of a detached house

Upland House 

An extension, refurbishment of Victorian house

Jorge House

An extension, refurbishment of a Ediwarian house

Claremont 41

An extension, refurbishment of a Semi-detached house

richmond 2.jpg

Richmond House


Malden Green Avenue


Hackney Extension

Rear Side Infill and Loft Extension


Yew Tree Road House

Rear extension 

rear garden.jpg

10 Sewdley Street

Rear + loft extension 

Entrance 01.jpg

10 Montem road

Rear extension and alternation of roof form

F_single pitched elevation.jpg

46 Lower Kings road

Rear + loft extension 

Shot 08.jpg

61 Hayes way

Rear + loft extension 

Kitchen 05.jpg

36 Lavender Sweep

Internal layout change