Location : Hackney

Client : Private

Year : 2021

Stage: Planning process

Site context

No. 10 Sewdley Street is a mid-terrace two storey house with an existing two-storey rear ‘outrigger’ building and it has a 3.5m rear extension that has a hip roof. The property is not locally listed nor is located within any conservation area as shown on the borough’s Core Strategy Proposal Map.

Design proposal

The proposed design mainly contains the rear extension and the loft extension. We articulate the existing ground floor layout as the deep floor plan that creates long corridor space and thus overall space has a lack of daylight. Thus, the proposal inserts the courtyard with a vertical lightwell to increase daylight allowance into overall internal space and to provide soft breakpoint in between long corridor across living space, kitchen, and dining space. Moreover, the proposed skip-floor plans are connected visually via new lightwell shaft.

axo 01.jpg
rear garden.jpg
Living space 01.jpg
Living space 08.jpg
Living space key space.jpg
Loft floor 01.jpg
Axo diagram.jpg