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Private house

in collaboration with extension architecture


Location : Wimbledon, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2023

Area :


Erection of two storey side with accommodation on roof and single storey rear extension. Erection of single storey garage and pool house with glass link together with surrounding landscaping.  The site is located in the Kingston Hill/Coombe Hill Strategic Area of Special Character, a non-designated heritage asset

The proposal seeks to extend an existing single dwelling house to provide additional habitable floorspace The proposal includes the installation of a swimming pool which would require some ground excavation and subterranean works.

Web_Coombe Hill House_10.JPG
Web_Coombe Hill House_11.JPG
Web_Coombe Hill House_04.JPG
Web_Coombe Hill House_02.JPG
Web_Coombe Hill House_13.JPG
Web_Coombe Hill House_12.JPG
Web_Coombe Hill House_05.JPG
Web_Coombe Hill House_03.JPG
Coombe hill house_01.JPG
Web_Coombe Hill House_15.JPG
Web_Coombe Hill House_18.JPG
Web_Coombe Hill House_16.JPG
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