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Location : Wandsworth

Client : Private

Year : 2021

Stage: Detail design

Site context

The main front building has two bedrooms and the rear building contains a family bathroom, kitchen, study room, and a bedroom. The corridor is kinked in between the front building and the rear building which is assumed because of the staircase. There are two gardens (green mark) on the front patio and rear patio respectively. The rear patio occupies less than 4m in depth which is relatively small, but the alleyway takes around 9.5m in depth.  


Design proposal

The general building condition had fallen into a state of disrepair and was in need of full refurbishment such as restricted visibility for emergency via a kinked corridor, restricted dining/living space, the limited number of toilets,s, and poor daylight condition. The design initially provides a side-infill extension with a courtyard in between kitchen/living space and front bedroom spaces to increase daylight quality and spatial experience of the flat. With new courtyard insertion, an additional bedroom is provided in central of the flat. However, the property was not allowed to provide a side extension, and with this limitation, we find the additional courtyard and bedroom are not practically working on the existing plan. 


Alternatively, the proposal suggests removing the small study next to the kitchen to provide enough space for kitchen/living space. The extended volume of kitchen/living space has an additional sliding door and folding door on the side alley. Responding to the new opening on the side, the ivy landscape with 500mm height brick garden block is proposed along the boundary wall on the side. Moreover, the kinked corridor is changed with a curve edge wall to enhance visual connection from the entrance to the kitchen/living space. Also, practically, it considers enhancing the secured visibility for fire escape.

Kitchen 02.jpg
Kitchen 07.jpg
Alleyway 01.jpg
Alleyway 02.jpg
Kitchen 01.jpg
Kitchen 05.jpg
Rear patio 01.jpg
Lavender sweep diagram.jpg
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