Location : Kingston

Client : Richmond development

Year : 2021

Stage: Pre-application

Site context

The application site is situated on the Northern side of Lower Kings road where is predominated two-three storeys residential dwellings are characterised by semi-detached dwellings with hipped roofs, Victorian-style detached dwellings with gable roofs and Edwardian style detached properties.


The west neighbour property 47 raised 1.1m roof height with piggyback extension and it has a similar roof height with the application site. The east neighbour property 51 has a slightly lower roof height than the application site. The rear neighbour properties (27-15) at Eastbury road are presented with different characters of rear extensions and loft extensions. 

Design proposal

The project is alternating the existing nursery school to the residential flat that contains 5 to 6 units. The main proposed option is 6 units comprising of two studio flats, a 2 bedroom flat, a 1 bedroom flat and two 3 bedroom flats with 3 car parking spaces, 6 cycle storages, 6 refuse stores and shared garden.

At the front patio, three car parks and 6 refuge storages are placed. The small garden is placed in between the porch and car park to enhance welcoming to the building. Moreover, six cycle storages and a shared garden are placed on the rear side of the building and these are accessed via an alleyway close to property 47. The other alleyway (close to property 51) is filled with a green courtyard and side infill extension.

On the ground floor, there are three flats; a three-bedroom (or two-bedroom with a study) flat is approximately 97.5sq.m and two studio flats which are respectively around 37sqm and 37sqm. The organisation of flat 1 is composed of 2 double bedrooms, a bathroom, open kitchen/living area (with skylight), bedroom (or called study) and rear patio. Bedroom 1 is extended close to the side close to property 51 to form a feasible bedroom size. Both studio flats have separated sleeping area and living area via partition. In terms of privacy, the entrances of studio flats are retreated from the corridor and also, the side infill extension of flat 2 (close to property 51) is pulled back from the front car park and filled with plants. Through the side infill extension of flat 2 and flat 1, the internal side courtyard is created and it is accessible from both flats.

On the first floor, there are two flats; two-bedroom flat 4 is approximately 73.8sqm and one-bedroom + study flat 5 is approximately 63.3sqm. Both flats have an open kitchen and living space on the rear side of the building and both flats have 3m rear extension space that is surrounded by a sedum green roof. On the front side, flat 4 has two double bedrooms and a family bathroom. Flat 5 contains two double bedrooms, a study and a family bathroom. Apart from the doors to flat 4 and flat 5, there is the main door for flat 6 (second floor) on the staircase and the location of the door is planned to create private roof terrace access for flat 6.

On the second floor, there is one flat which is three bedroom flat (approximately 94.9sqm). The flat has two double bedrooms, one single bedroom, a family bathroom, open kitchen/dining/living area and stair to roof terrace. The side dormer is applied and it is offset 3m from front roof line and rear roof line respectively, and also 600mm set back from side roof line respectively. Along with dormer extension, the internal space forms dramatic spatial experience via the adjoining between the vaulted ceiling crossing from bedroom 3 to living area and side flat ceiling for bedroom 1, bedroom 2 and kitchen/ dining area.

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