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Location : Kingston

Client : Richmond development

Year : 2021-2022

Stage: Full-planning stage

Rear view Line view.jpg

Site context

The application site is situated on the Northern side of Lower Kings road where is predominated two-three storeys residential dwellings are characterised by semi-detached dwellings with hipped roofs, Victorian-style detached dwellings with gable roofs and Edwardian style detached properties.


The west neighbour property 47 raised 1.1m roof height with piggyback extension and it has a similar roof height with the application site. The east neighbour property 51 has a slightly lower roof height than the application site. The rear neighbour properties (27-15) at Eastbury road are presented with different characters of rear extensions and loft extensions. 

Front elevation front view.jpg
Bird view Axo.jpg
Axonometry 01_23 - 이미지.jpg

Design proposal

The proposed design is the alternation of existing nursery house to 6 high-quality residential in order to enhance the use of property which has been obsolete for 2 years. The proposal comprises a mix of two studios, one 1-bedroom unit, one 2-bedroom unit and two 3-bedroom units. The height of the building will remain the same, however, in order to accommodate the unit on the third floor (unit 6), side roof dormers will be erected. This design has been influenced by similar developments within the locality of Eastbury Road.

The proposed layout has clear zoning for mixed residential units. The front side has a mix of studio flats and the 1-bedroom unit, while the rear extension area has 3-bedroom units. With the layout above, the rear 3-bedroom units comprise more like town house type with their own private patio garden.


Moreover, the 2-bedroom unit on the second floor comprises more like pent house type with the high ceiling by a gable roof. The existing arch window features also contribute to the special living experience on this 2-bedroom unit.

Rear garden 03.jpg
Rear garden 02.jpg
Studio 02.jpg
3-bed 08.jpg
3-bed 04.jpg
2-bed loft 05.jpg
section draw.jpg
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