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Location : Epsom

Client : Private

Year : 2021

Stage: Planning application

Site context

The applicant site indicated in red mark is on the semi-detached residential area. The applicant site is not located within a conservation area and does not registered as a listed building

Bird eye view.jpg

Design proposal

The proposal contains a 5m rear single-storey extension and 3.5m rear first-floor extension.

Ground floor

Compared to the massive outlook of the existing building, the existing internal layout is split into several small spaces. This layout provides less flexible space for the client lifestyle; storage, use of kitchen, children playtime, and so on. Therefore, the rear ground extension is an essential decision to enhance the client's living quality. The garage converted into a new bedroom for the child and the existing utility will move backward to accommodate with new kitchen. The existing roof maintains its pitched roof form but it will be elevated to first-floor roofline in order to provide a quality of habitable height.

Rear view 01.jpg
Open living+kithcen 04.jpg

First floor

With regard to size and loss of character of space, the proposal introduces 3.5m rear extension on the master bedroom. The proposed space will be a private lounge for the parents with a beautiful rear garden view. The width of the extension will be 4m which is less than half of the total building width (8.29m), combined main building and side garage. The core objection of the proposed lounge provides the congregation space for family detached from public space (living room/kitchen).


First floor key space 02.jpg
First floor key space 04.jpg
Axo drawing.jpg
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