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West Barns Lane House


Location : New Malden, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2017

Stage: Completed in 2018

Single-Storey rear and side extension

Site Context

The shape of the appeal site is unusual in that because the junction is not a precise right-angled one there is greater space in a triangular form, which could be useable to the side and to the rear. Due to the shape of the appeal site, current conservatory is under performing. Although it may well be a pleasant space for inhabitants to enjoy the vista towards their rear garden, in fact it is facing a 1.6m high boundary wall which is found neglecting potential value of the rear garden space which already exists. 

The proposal is to extend the ground floor space, in line with the extension of adjacent house, no 143 and at the same  time meeting with the existing boundary wall at 90 degrees. Therefore to provide a straight view to rear garden. Children can play in the garden while their parents are having a cup of tea, looking over to their children playing in secure. By this minor change, we believe that their living quality and environmental condition can be far more appreciated and also can be improved immediately and dramatically 


The Relationship with a Neighboring Buildings 

Despite by the fact that a corner sites often have some key issues with impacts on the street scene and highway safety, since there is a spacious empty garden space in front of the house, it is legible, unlikely to be detrimental to highway safety to pose risk to pedestrians or vehicular traffic in the immediate area of the site.  

The Area is predominantly residential character and the mix of property types with some mix of uses and building designs, and street scene generally, combine to create a locality of reasonably pleasant appearances with a variety of hard and soft landscape. In this regard of amenity value of front area, for example Corner sites can be, and often are, treated differently from the norm in terms of accommodating a bolder form of development than would be suited to say, a row of properties. Such slightly out of the usual development can often be achieved and accommodated without an appearance of being different. 


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