Location : Bromely

Client : Private

Year : 2021

Stage: Planning application

Site context

According to the property trajectory by the client, the applicant property was 2-storey single gable roof block with a flat roof side service block. Then, the property extended its volume with another gable roof block on the side of the service block. In roof plan, two gable roof is connected with inserting new crossing pitched roof which is current roof form. Moreover, the new gable roof block on the west side has 3.5m more single-storey rear extension than the original east wing block. On the rear garden, the single storey garage building is placed and it is used for storage and activity such as snooker.


The current existing block has ‘H’ form on the roof plan view and it is 2 storey housing with loft floor. The ground floor is set with a living/kitchen/dining area, toilet and utility room. The first floor has four double bedrooms and two bathrooms. The loft is accessed by the ladder and it is used for the storage moment. On the loft space, the structure is exposed without finishing materials.


The client wants to increase the overall capacity of living/ kitchen/ dining space and bedrooms for a possible increased number of dwellers such as a future child. Additionally, he wants to convert the loft floor into a more habitable space.

Design proposal

The overall property has enough capacity for rooms and living space for a family. However, comparing with bright room condition on the front side, the rooms and living/ kitchen space on the rear side have poor daylight condition due to the window layout and north facing. Moreover, although the property has a large and well-organised rear garden, it is not integrated with internal space such as the entrance loses the view pleasure to enjoy the garden via utility room and staircase.


Thus, design approach focuses on increasing daylight on overall internal space and encourage integrated spatial experience between internal space and outdoor garden.


The proposal suggests rear extension with 6.5m single storey on the ground floor and a 5m first-floor extension. Relocating stair from central to side, proposed design provides a connected view corridor from entrance to rear garden and it increases interaction on both kitchen and living space.


The first floor extension form follow existing gable roof shape and it creates valley with central void space. The valley allows the daylight and reflection during early morning and late afternoon to maximise daylight inflow into rear bedrooms and deep corridor on ground floor.


On the loft space, the new dormer is placed to increase habitable height space. The roofline of dormer is proposed lower than the lowest point of existing pitched roofline to avoid overlook and outlook toward neighbour properties.  Additionally, the proposal provide outdoor terrace on first floor and loft space to allow dwellers can enjoy the rear garden from every single floor.


The proposal provides two volumes that 6.5m rear ground extension and 5m first-floor extension. According to the extension volumes of neighbour properties (no.59 and no.63), the ground floor extension has slightly forward than building line to no.63 and it is 1,300mm forward than no.59. Moreover, the applicant property has a 2000mm existing gap from the boundary wall to no.59.


On the first floor, the building line aligns with no.59 first floor extension and it is not further than no.63. The 1500mm outdoor space will be not accessible and will be covered with grass and small plants. Therefore, the proposal expects the minimum impact of outlook and daylight to neighbour properties. The proposed front and rear dormer roofline will be lower than the existing gable roofline which is 100mm lower than the east wing and 300mm lower than the west wing. The outdoor terrace will be set back 3200mm from the building line and thus, it will not be able to overlook neighbour properties.




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