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Location : Surbicon

Client : Private

Year : 2021-2022

Stage: completed

Site context

The application site comprises a semi-detached dwelling located on the northeast side of Selbourne Avenue. The application does not concern a Listed Building, Nor is the site located within a Conservation Area. The site is located in a predominantly residential area with two-storey semi-detached dwellings.


Design proposal

The design concept respects the new daily cycle of young professionals. Through the pandemic, most of the work cycle embraces a hybrid working system that half works at home and the other half works at the office. This new routine brings the office space into the house and fades the physical boundary of home and office. In this circumstance, the home is a heterogeneous space to serve the living and working all together. Therefore, the house needs additional working space, and also it needs buffer space to separate living and working space gently. The different professional has their own working space need and personal cycle. Thus, the design concept focus on how additional office and buffer space can implement unique spatial value on the house.

Birdeye view 01.jpg
Birdeye view 02.jpg
Rear view 01.jpg
Open living+kitchen 06.jpg
First floor key space 04.jpg
First floor key space 06.jpg
Axo handy drawing 01.jpg
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