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High Street North,
Two storey rear extension 


Location : Eastham, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2021-2022

Stage: Planning stage

The application of design proposal is demolition of existing hip-roof on first floor of no.82-84 and raising a two story rear extension and roof lights to the front elevation, with associated external amenity spaces. In relation to National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) through Chapter 12, the proposal aims to enhance the overall living quality, well-being, welcoming, and visually attractive with good landscaping and architecture design approach.

London Plan policy D3 outlines that design-led approach should ensure that development has the most appropriate form and land use for the site. Referring the policy D3, the design proposal aims to achieve characteristic appearance and form in respect to neighbouring properties’ architectural style, rhythm, form and height. Moreover, it attempts to increase degree of soft landscape for enhancing the public realm of the site.


Plan 04_F.jpg
CGI 03.jpg
Axo roof.jpg
CGI 08.jpg
CGI 11.jpg
Walk elevation CGI.jpg
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