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Netil House New Reception and Two Storey Office extension

in Hackney



Netil house is occupied by creative artists and designers with over a hundred creative studios and common spaces. The proposal is to change the front façade from a brick wall to a fully glazed window for more active social interconnection (1) and to provide more small studios for start-up and a better working environment and common space to the creative practitioners.


Proposed ground floor plan

The proposal can provide a more approachable frontage and inclusive access. The ground floor reception will be a more efficient area with a functional postroom, BOH office, and open lounge space with hot desks. Although the reception part of the building sits towards the north, the ground floor will flood of natural lighting through the fully glazed windows. Also, it can increase security by monitoring of coming and going from the building.

The third proposal is to provide a new office to the southern part of the roof at level three. This roof has not been used but the lift room for mechanical space has been left out and partially used for a toilet.

Currently, the roof is mainly occupied by NETIL 360 rooftop café and frequently used for creative events. The development will be an opportunity to provide a prime small office to those small companies and micro start-up and will increase interaction with office residents and visitors. Moreover, the new office on the roof(G4) and newly proposed office at level three will have common socializing ground at NETIL 360 café which will strengthen social connections.



Location : Hackney, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2019

Stage: Planning

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