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Rushmore house-1

Loft extension, rear side infill and internal refurbishment


Location : Hackney, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2017

Area : 150 sq.m

stage : completed Jan. 2018

Project description

The property is a Victorian mid-terraced, two storey, 3 bed room house, Built in rick work which form an 'M’ type butterfly roof .

The property consists of an L shaped footprint with along two storey projected rear building. The house is very narrow and internal walls block the flow of move and light and there was limited access to the garden.

The owner wishes to improve the property by erecting a roof extension at second floor level in the shape of a mansard and to have a side return in the form of ‘lean-to-roof’ at ground level along the rear projected wing.

A large open plan living space was created by opening up the front and rear reception rooms with new side infill space, providing ample living and family gathering space for our client’s young child.

Two large glazed skylights to the side extension allows for increased light levels and improved connections between the spaces linking the front of the house to the rear garden with side bench seating area along the new frank wall.

To rear facade, new large sliding door was proposed to improve the connection between new living area and rear garden

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