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Hackney Down Studio (HDS) reception/ office/ communal space renovation


Location : Hackney, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2021

Area : 

stage : conceptual design

Project description

New design-led studios on the ground floor of Hackney Downs Studio to enhance welcoming reception, community hub, and capacity of studio/office space. The design proposal re-organises the programme space on the ground floor in order to reduce wasted space such as a huge corridor, a rabbit hole, and no visual guidance. The key design concept is 'layer by layer' which is connected visually via soft transition like green, media artwork and coloured finish.

Fun feature.jpg
150 existing plan.jpg

Existing Plan

150 Demolition plan.jpg

Demolition Guide Plan

150 proposal plan.jpg

Proposal Plan

Axo view v01.jpg


Reception 02.jpg

2_Reception sit

Entrance hall 02.jpg

3_Public hallway


4_Public lounge

Residence corridor.jpg

5_Community corridor



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