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Nik Nak Cottage, Florentia Clothing Village

New built and partial Roof extension

In collaboration with Jooeun Sung ,  Associate Professor

at Dep. of Architecture & Architectural Engineering Yonsei University,


Designed and Construction / contract administrated by Young in architects.

The proposed NikNak Cottage in Florentia Clothing Village accommodates 6 number of units over three floors.

Existing NikNak cottage will be refurbished within the footprint and height of existing building to keep the building within the context, but new roof and its supporting structure will be introduced with partial dormer for extra space on 2nd floor.


This building sits along the main street of the village, and the view from other buildings, streets and square needs to be well-considered to enrich the village concept. Main concept of the proposed refurbishment for NikNak is to create open space towards the street and square, which brings more natural light to units and brings the positive atmosphere to the village.


In order to provide welcoming and open atmosphere from the square, northern corner of the building will have double glass door entrance area to the corner unit and other studios will be accessed from Southern gates near exit gates in order to minimize the congestion from the square.

This new gate leads people to the two studios at 1st floor balcony (or raised street) and second floor studio through the new stair well. All studios at the first and second floor will have their own private balconies which will make the street live while keeping the safety of pedestrians.


The village will have main street (import street) with main square with green wall on northern end and the proposed second square with green wall on the other end,which will also enhance the wayfinding and open/green space.

South façade of Niknak Cottage will have numerous balconies, new gate leading up the upper levels and large size windows to allow light and view to the green walled square, where existing parking spaces used to be, and it will be architecturally pleasing geometry to add a new character to the site.

Location : Hackney, UK

Client : Private

Area : 1,500 sq.m

Year : 2019-on going

Stage: Pre-application stage



The building will be cladded with different materials creating 3 no. of main parts, which are pitch roofed envelope of grey tile or zinc, the bricked ground floor projecting to the street, and 1st and 2nd floor volumes penetrating the pitch roof, which will be detailed to break up the lengthy mass to keep the rhythm and human scale of the street.

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