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Lammas Road House

Youngin architect will be achieving planning permission for a new-build three bedroom residential development in Lammas Road Richmond, London


Location : Richmond, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2017-2020

Area : 120 sq.m

stage : Planning to be granted

Project description

Lammas Road is an end of terrace ex local authority housing stock property. Situated on a prominent corner plot, the site is located in the boundary of Richmond council and Kingston council hence it is important to design the proposal acts as a bridge between Victorian terraced housing of Lammas road and new Morden building refelcting the way we live in this time.

That is why, the approaches are two ways for considering the context. One is to keep the rhythm and scale of terraced house with abstract way. The other is to define the end of council and the start of the corner. The chimney is the one feature to define the boarder of council.

The shape of available land is the oblique. In order to maximize the usage of the space and to avoid the obstruction of neighbours, the mass of proposal is split and scaled down. Consisting of a series of volumes, the scheme is carved and orientated to maximise the site geometries whilst allowing for the separation of the existing house and other properties.

The courtyard is designed between the mass. And the courtyard could be the hub of the building as linking the space.


There are two different types of outdoor space for the dwelling, which are back garden and courtyard. Back garden is located towards the south-east. Back garden is more private space, which is surrounded. Courtyard is like tea-garden to have short break under the canopy wall which gives the shadow during the daytime. And it could be the hub of building. Also, it helps to avoid over-looking for neighbors

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