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Two dwelling development

New build


Location : Putney, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2017-2020

Area :  240 sq.m

stage : full design service, under construction

Ordinary and Unexpected

Aedicule House

The existing D1 building is a single storey mid-terrace rendered property located on the western side of Sefton Street.     

The property has a pitched tiled roof.  Surrounding properties are two storey residential brick façade dwellings in terraced rows.

Henri Cartier Bresson’s photograph of Lonon shows the typical spatial atmosphere of English terraced houses. The front is normally flat and rational, repetitive while the rear is unexpected, playful and more three dimensional. The contrary relationship between the front and rear gives a special character to English terraces. Our proposal is to extend the rhythm of existing neighbouring terraces at the front but give special and playful character at the rear.


In response to the figurative shape of the rear extensions of the neighboring terraces, proposed houses have two small aedicule-like objects attached to the main volume.By adding the features to the houses, the scale of the new development can be broken down.

Two objects are similar to each other in their shape but have a difference in detail.


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