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Location : Waterloo, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2013

Stage: Concept design

The light church extension

Youngin architects has been involved in the concept design for the light church extension in the London borough of Southwark.

the church occupies the grade 2 listed former Regal Cinema building built in 1936. A planning and listed building application was made by Avery Associates Architects with a design for extensions to the church at the front, at the rear and to the north. since then extension architecture has undertaken detailed design and appointed us to revisit the planning design to improve internal layout and for cost saving excerise.

the main design concept of new extension are 

1. The church identity & Extending to the community: 

-How to design new front of building as welcoming in sense of space and community programme

Christian message to extend to the HOUSE and the community through the LIGHT

2. Atrium as hub: 

The atrium serves as a hub and its space is extending through all 4 floors to the roof garden vertically Corridor and stair extend all functions room horizontally where staff, church comer and visitors to mingle, exchange and interact each other as community hub.

3. Flexibility of function rooms

4. Wellbeing of the church staffs

web_lighting house-25.JPG
web_lighting house-31.JPG
web_lighting house-14.JPG
web_lighting house-18.JPG
web_lighting house-32.JPG
web_lighting house-20.JPG
web_lighting house-33.JPG
web_lighting house-26.JPG
web_lighting house-2.JPG
web_lighting house-6.JPG
web_lighting house-4.JPG
web_lighting house-9.JPG
web_lighting house-8.JPG
web_lighting house-11.JPG
web_lighting house-7.JPG
church site .JPG
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