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Private house internal refurbishment



Built in 1918, the ground floor flat of the semi-detached house had only a little change since 1980. The current owner, with two kids, bought the property in summer 2011. Layout of the plan was a typical maisonette flat converted from a house into a flat in which rooms were separate and poorly connected.


The client wanted to have open plan kitchen connected to the living room with an easy access to the back garden and an additional bedroom for their kids with a cloakroom near the bedrooms at the front.


Young In Architects developed a wide range of options with newly arranged internal layout. The client eventually settled on open plan kitchen in the centre of the house by introducing new steel beams running between the boundary and the party wall which allowed more or less freedom to demolish any partition walls to suit the new family to live in.

Location : New Malden, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2011

Area :

Structural engineer : LEO lhsurveying ltd

Ectrical engineer: Paul ltd

Cntractor: SIA design partnership ltd 


''I would like to thank you for all the ideas and planning you have implemented to create my dream home with extension and lovely kitchen. I and my family are very please with the outcome of this project. this was my 1st project but not the last. hope we work together again in future.''

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