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Private house

New build



The proposal is to build a two / three-storey detached dwelling with pitched roof at the side and a one-storey detached dwelling with flat roof at the rear of 95 Downs Court Road.

We develop a proposal that is more into the landscape architecture of the site.

This proposal consists of a series of linear wall that create a rectangular flat roof building and a roof space that has a different character with mono pitch on the front and side.

The three bedroom unit at the rear, the one-storey house, will be for the client’s mother to live close. There will be no steps for the elder parents and have decent private courtyards with a parking lot.


The proposal corresponds to the surrounding in terms of shape, size and style, to the privacy issue of overlooking by low-level windows and to comfortable distance to the neighboring properties. We believe it will be a positive influence and enhance its surrounding.

Location : Purley Croydon, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2016

Area :

stage : Planning stage

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