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Seoul Songpa Flowing bench

New Build​

Location : South Korea

Client : Seoul Seoul Metropolitan Government, Funded by Lotte Group

Year : 2013

Stage: Completed


Project description

The initial image or idea was a path through a birch forest. 

Two lanes which have started from the subway entrance curve like a river in the central space.

Rivers(floor patterns) are winding along the shape of the earth (or shaping the earth) and make the flow slow and have a rest where they curve and change the direction. 

The seating objects are representing the earth such as hill, so their shapes are slowly sloping up and down and locate in the corner of the floor pattern.

Vertical elements on the seating object have been inspired by the silver birch woods. 

Delicately rugged, slenderly linear, elegantly shiny silver birches.

They are leaning in various directions and LED lighting inserted at irregular height.

The texture should be rough and crisp, and the colour has to be bright.

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