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Lotte Avenuel Department Store

New build in South Korea, in collaboration with Leonard Design Architects


Location : Seoul, South Korea

Client : Lotte Group

Year : 2013-2014

Area : 28,500 sqm (common area only)

stage : Completed and Open in 2014


As Korea’s largest department store dedicated to top-shelf luxury goods, Avenuel will become a hub for leading global fashion and culture and a place that sets trends in luxury shopping and fashion.

Young In Architect have been appointed as design coordinator to LDA who is the main design architects from the competition to working drawing submission for the design of 25,000sqm of landlord controlled interior space which forms the customer journey. This journey includes seven storey atriums and passes through richly finished malls, void spaces, concession halls, shopfronts, lift lobbies, washrooms and car parks.
Proposed design reinvents Avenuel as a young, contemporary, modern retail emporium whilst retaining the super luxurious feel of previous Avenuel concepts. 


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