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Lotteworld Shopping Mall, Design competition

New build in South Korea, in collaboration with Leonard Design Architects


Location : Seoul, South Korea

Client : Lotte Group

Year : 2014

Area : 800,000 sqm

stage : Invited next stage and on hold


The existing Lotte world shopping centre is perfectly located at the heart of a community. The historical context and original masterplan has provided this development with the opportunity to become the central hub of a community. It has the access, the infrastructure and the critical mass required to facilitate this.
Young in Architect’s design partner, Leonard Design Architect has invited from Lotte in the form of invited international design competition to propose two options which renovate the existing Lotte world shopping centre. The main problem of the centre which consist of 8 blocks functions with poorly connected and give Customer poor experience as well as not making commercial use of Anchor location to increase footfall to other uses Young In Architects, in collaboration with LDA was involved in the second option, which propose to enhance the development as a stronger town, providing it with all the additional ingredients required to make it a commercially viable development contributing to the community that it supports.
We proposed the main retail circuit as the form of circular shaped loop which is newly lit from the skylight to all retail environments. This improve access and enhanced consumer choice which connect key environments (The Town Square, The Main Street, West End, Cultural Zone) with anchors at the four corners and indoor theme park in the middle that support each other to strengthen the Lotte oer but minimising disruption to Department store, Hotel and Theme park.



Design competition


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