Netil Market Extension


The site is surrounded by commercial shops, residential houses, and art studios. Netil market is located across the railway and Netil Market is managed by EatWorkArt.

Netil Market is occupied by creative studios and open to public at weekends. The proposal is to erect a single storey on top of the existing containers for better social connection with visitors and better shopping experience.

The proposed design is with a glazed window on a light timber structure without any detrimental visual impact but improvement of streetscape.

The proposal is to erect a single storey of 8 shops on top of the existing buildings with a walkway. four shops on the upper level are placed alongside the boundary wall with 5.1m from the ground. On the ground floor, there is a welcoming café at the entrance, staircases to access the upper floor, and a corner place to rest for visitors and traders. On the upper level, 8 shops can be approachable by the walkway which accessed by one existing and new stair creating loop circulation.

The proposed design has a timber structure with polycarbonate windows on the street side and glazed windows on the inner side. The timber structure is the most acceptable form that fits among the modern industrial buildings and allows a glance of the market inside from the viewpoint on the street. It also represents the personality of the market as architectural signage with partially colored timbers  which contributes strongly to the streetscape.


Netil Market is run by EatWorkArt, who also manage successfully Netil House. The Market was formerly a car park of Netil House at 13-23 Westgate Street. Now, the market becomes the heart of the local community with up to 21 temporary stalls and keen to engage with the neighbours, visitors, and creatives.

Just like the logo of Netil Market, traders, staffs, and artists keep a vibrant and colourful atmosphere and many of the resident food traders have expanded their business.


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