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Private house

internal refurbishment with single storey extension


Wonderful remodeling of a semi-detached house, the brief was relatively straightforward, to demolish the existing rear conservatory and to build new extension projected as same as their neighbor’s with 6m width and 5m depth and to refurbish the whole house with new modern style kitchen which would suit Joe’s family life with her husband (typical officer) and a 3 year old daughter.


Main challenge was planning approval of 30m2 new extension matching adjoining property. As expected, the first pre-application meeting was very negative on the size of the extension. However, persuading planning officers with the well written design assess statement and several meetings on the site with the argument of fairness and appearance, the proposal has been gradually accepted and approved.

After exploring five options, the client was satisfied with new location of kitchen in the middle where Ms. Joe can easily reach the existing living room and new dinning / family playroom / out door space.

''It make me smile every time when I open the front door and always feel great when I read a book looking at my daughter playing in the garden.''

Location : Motspur park, UK

Client : Private

Year : 2012

Area :

Contractor: James construction ltd 

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