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The proposal, currently a two storey house, will be converted into two separate flats.


The proposal for the ground floor flat is to extend the flat for 5 meters towards the rear garden and convert it as a separate flat with en-suite bedroom, two bedroom, bathroom and combined kitchen, living, dining room for 5 people.

Combined kitchen, living, dining room and en-suite bedroom will have direct access to the external deck and rear garden.

The proposal for upper level is to convert it as a separate flat comprising saperate garden with en-suite bedroom, bedroom, bathroom, and combined kitchen, dining, mezzanine living room for 3 people. Due to the current low pitched roof, loft storage will be converted to mezzanine floor which directly connects to the double story living via open timber stair. By doing so this will enable to make use of a lot of unused space above the main floor and it will create spacious atmosphere.

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